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Brett a. hart

As a Jr. in high school, Brett produced "THE TONE OF MURDER", a thirty-minute suspense film. During this period Brett met director Richard Franklin ("PSYCHO II", "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" TV Pilot, and "FX II"), who took him under his wing and mentored him as Alfred Hitchock had also done with him.

Impressed by his short films, Opticon Ent. hired Brett to direct several karaoke music videos for Pioneer Laserdisc.

In 97 he created a four-minute suspense trailer "THE FINE LINE" to help raise financing for the script. The work caught the attention of Gerald Molen (Producer "JURASSIC PARK", "SCHINDLER'S LIST") gaining him a six month option.

In ‘06 Brett directed feature film icon James Garner in a series of commercials. In ’07, Brett led the marketing campaign for KWTV, News 9. Catching the attention of Jeff Kreiner, Senior VP of Marketing for CBS News. Jon Stewart's, “The Daily Show”,  then showcased one of his Tornado Promos. Brett then received his first EMMY AWARD for the work with KWTV in 2008. Other awards: THE TEXAS FILMMAKERS' SHOWCASE exhibited at the DIRECTOR'S GUILD OF AMERICA for his short, "DEAD END".

Brett wrapped his debut feature film, "BONE DRY" in 2007 co-written with Jeff O'Brien. The movie has gained a cult following and international attention. The desert thriller stars Luke Goss, Lance Henriksen, Tiny Lister and Dee Wallace & was photographed in Death Valley.

Brett recently contributed two chapters for the very first Biography on legendary Filmmaker John Guillermin as well as wrapped 37 Episodes for "Ain't It Cool With Harry Knowles" which is internationally airing on PBS and sponsored by IMAX… And is currently developing several television series in addition to his next feature film.  Upon wrapping production on "Ain't It Cool" in Austin Texas, Brett relocated to Hollywood California with his new bride, Singer, Songwriter, musician Bonnie E. Hart.

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